Memory, Trauma and Writing

"The Body Remembers What the Mind Forgets":

Memory, Trauma and Writing

Online Workshop

11 August 2020 (10:00-13:30) - Registration closed

12 September 2020 (12:00-15:00) - Registration closed

London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research


Academic LAB


In this session, we will think about the relationship between trauma and memory. We will explore  ideas from key thinkers, and have discussions on how trauma affects our relationship to time and bodies. Then we will look at a creative essay genre and consider more broadly how trauma is represented in literature.

We will each share an example of representation of trauma in either literature or popular culture and think about dominant trends, methods of representation, and even cliches.

The workshop is designed for students, young scholars and independent researchers with a particular interest related to memory studies. It is designed and led by Dr Katherine Da Cunha Lewin.

All the registered participants who will attend the workshop will receive certificates.

In order to book a place, please register on by 11 September 2020.

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Registration fee: 45 GBP